Flat File Checker for Windows 10


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FlaFi is a simple tool for validation of flat files (*.txt, *.csv, etc.) that contain data. FlaFi has intuitive user interface that allows to build Flat File Schema with business rules. Validation can be run through GUI or command line for batch processing. FlaFi is an open source application will always be free. You can use it in projects where data quality is important. Flat File Checker (FlaFi) originally was designed to streamline existing data exchange processes between organizations. Introduction of FlaFi had significally improved data turnaround time by brining the number of rejected files to a minimum. To create executable interface document for you data imports; Require you data provider(s) to screen data validate files against your schema before sending you the data; Split data files basing on business rules; With FlaFi you will have much less unnecessary interactions with your external data providers and will be able to set up a new data exchange processes quicker.